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Center for Space Science and Technology

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 Room 211
 Physics Dept
 1000 Hilltop Circle
 MD 21250

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Center for Space Science and Technology

The Center for Space Sciences and Technology (CSST) is the administrative unit for UMBC's participation in the CRESST consortium. The University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) are our partners in the consortium.

CRESST, standing for the Center for Research and Exploration in Space Science & Technology, is a cooperative agreement between the three partner institutions and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Greenbelt, Md.

CSST maintains close relations with (and is housed within) the Physics Department at UMBC via CSST's sister organization, the Joint Center for Astrophysics. Combined, JCA scientists and CSST scientists contribute to the Undergraduate & Graduate activities (including the JCA's Ugrad & Grad internships) by teaching & mentoringg students..

CSST may have administrative job openings. Job openings for PhD scientists to work at GSFC as a member of CRESST will be advertised on the main CRESST site (see also CRESST@UMBC job links).

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