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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

UMBC offers undergraduate students several options to get involved with an astrophysical research project.

Besides the Astrophysical research within the Physics Dept, our geographical proximity to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, MD) and the Space Telescope Science Institute (Baltimore, MD), research in opportunities in very a wide variety of fields.

Generally the options available are via a Summer Internship (paid, but not for credit), and/or formal classes such as PHYS450 and PHYS499 (for-credit, unpaid).

Undergraduate students considering graduate studies in astrophysics are strongly encouraged to gain at least one experience within a research environment. Obviously this will help you decide whether such an environment “is indeed right for you”. It will also strengthen your graduate school applications.

Summer Internships

The following astrophysics-related internship programs are available in the local region:

Note there are a number of other NASA/GSFC-based Internship Programs. These are currently being consolidated under the so-called OSSI/SOLAR site.(Faculty will of course also support applications to other programs.)

For-Credit Classes

By prior arrangement with an individual Faculty member, research opportunities are also available via PHYS 450 Special Topics (1-4 credits), or PHYS 499 Senior Research (3 credits).